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Book of the Month: The 5 Love Languages of Children

Updated: May 27

The 5 Love Languages of Children book review

Summary of the Book

Have you heard of the 5 Love Languages? Most often we refer to these in our intimate relationships, but did you know that our children also have ways in which they prefer to experience and express love?

Take a journey through the following love languages to discover how you can connect better with your children:

Acts of Service

Words of Affirmations

Physical Touch


Quality time

One thing I LOVE about this book is that after each chapter they provide a great list of examples of ways to demonstrate love to your child that is consistent with the love language discussed. There is also a super helpful quiz in the back of the book to determine your child's love language.

It's definitely worth the read! If this is a book you've read before, comment below with your thoughts!

Things to Consider

  1. How did your parents fill or not fill your emotional tank?

  2. Were your parents physically affectionate with you? How do you think this has influenced your own level of physical touch as a parent?

  3. How might you take weekly household chores on the part of your child and turn them into a learning experience?

  4. Think of when your children express their love to you, what do you think this says about their own love language?

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