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Book of the Month: The Explosive Child

A book about parenting in an effective way

Summary of the Book

As a parent of a neurodivergent child myself, I highly recommend taking a look through this book. By restructuring the way we see children’s behaviours, it infuses empathy and curiosity that may replace anger and frustration. It not only provides a new perspective on how to view our children, but also concrete, easy to apply approaches to help shift from meltdown to regulation. Sometimes in parenting, we feel overwhelmed with self-judgement and worry.

Are we using the best approach? Why aren't things working? What if my response will further damage my child's mental heath? How can I shift to a more effective strategy?

Ross Greene's book is easy to read, and provides simplistic direction to approaches that are backed by research and known to provide effective interactions with highly sensitive children. He takes us through a number of examples during which we can reflect on our lives with our children in black and white, providing a sense of validation for all parents. He discusses the importance of determining “unsolved problems” within your relationship with your child and offers three plans to address these concerns in a healthy, helpful way. I also like the helpful checklist of potential “unsolved problems”! It’s certainly a helpful read for any parent, but especially a parent of the easily frustrated and inflexible child.

Things to Consider

  1. Which response do you typically fall into (Plan A, B, or C)?

  2. How can your understanding of your child's behaviour influence how you may address the behaviour?

  3. Which response did you receive from your parents during your own childhood?

  4. How might your use of Plan B impact your relationship with your child?

  5. Reflecting on your own triggers/reactions, what are the barriers to you using a Plan B approach?

Do you enjoy reading new wellness themed written work and the opportunity to participate in therapeutic discussion about the concepts and how they relate to your own life? You may enjoy our book club therapy group! Check it out on our website under services!


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