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Being Mindful in a Mind Full Society

Every day we jump out of bed and rush to get ready for the day. If we are a working parent we quickly make lunches, pack bags, make breakfast, and hustle our kids out the door while reheating our coffee 3x and taking a few quick sips If we are lucky enough to grab a moment to do so. We give a quick kiss and see them off to school hoping to make it to work only a few minutes late. Our jobs are often filled with more tasks than are humanly possible In the timeframe we are allotted and we often clock out past our scheduled time. Rush home, feed kids and get them off to extracurriculars; multi-tasking by responding to texts and emails. Get back home, and spend the rest of the night In the Illusion of connection scrolling social media until our eyes start to become too heavy to hold open. Then we wake up... and do It all again.

Somehow we have shifted to a culture that powers through life without even acknowledging it's happening. And when we finally get the chance to relax and enjoy a few moments, we spend it avoiding rather than living.Why? Because our energy Is so low from spreading it across so many plains we'd rather numb out scrolling social media than having a conversation with our spouse or children.

We have a Choice

But we have a choice. We have the power to decide how we want to show up in this world. How we want to show up in our relationships with others, and most importantly how we want to show up In our relationship with ourselves. We can choose the quality of a mindful life over the quantity of a mindless one. Sure, we may get less done, our kids may be involved In less activities but the moments that we do engage in will provide us with more joy because we will be present in them.

Choose Mindfulness

Take the time to enjoy your morning coffee; the smell, texture and taste. Really watch your kids sports events; notice the pride on their faces when they score, lock eyes when the check to see If you're watching. Pick up a book instead of the phone. Let your family be the last thing you see before you close your eyes instead of a screen. Choose mindfulness.

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