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Therapy changes the narrative

If you're reading the words on this page right now, it means you are taking a moment to show up for yourself, which is something that especially today can be so difficult to do. We are programmed to be all things to all people except for ourselves and often times follow this path until one day we stop and look in the mirror and barely recognize the person looking back at us. I know this, because I've been there.

I'm a go getter at heart. When I find a project I'm super excited about, I will throw everything I have into it until I'm so full of energy... until I'm not. Marriage, Parenthood, Entrepreneurship. At one point I was married with two young beautiful boys, working full-time and managing two separate businesses all while showing up to every extracurricular activity and lead on a major fundraiser for the school council. I know what it's like to crave so badly to be busy, only to quickly fall to burn out and want to shut out the world. I learned through personal experience that setting boundaries, letting go of unhelpful stories I had Internalized over the years and allowing space and permission to be present in my own life and live in authenticity allowed me to become my highest self.

could therapy be helpful for me

Could therapy be helpful?

Maybe this story sounds vaguely familiar. Maybe it struck a chord within you and shone a light on the in-congruency between where you are today and who you want to be. And if it did, that's a good thing! It means you're open to learning; to opportunity; to experience. You can move through this journey as well and do it with pride. Make yourself a priority. Take the time to rediscover yourself outside of the context of the roles that define you through therapy. Embrace who you are, not who others have told you to be. Become the author of your own story, rather than a side character in the movie of a life that was written for you. And above all else.... keep showing up. Because every day you show up intentionally is an opportunity to grow, learn, and shift into your authentic self. And that is the journey of hope.

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