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Book of The Month: Many Lives, Many Masters

Summary of the Book

Follow well known psychiatrist, Brian Weiss on his journey discovering the fascinating understandings of past lives. While working with a patient who's treatment had been at a stand still, he turned to hypnosis and was absolutely astonished when his client began recalling past-life traumas which were blocking her own progress.

Not only was he able to discover and understanding of past life therapy through the support of his client, but he also began to experience revelations of his own life when his client started channeling messages from "the space between lives".

What makes this literary piece unique is the exploration through the eyes of a psychiatrist, whom prior to this experience was filled with skepticism of past life theory. This case certainly dramatically altered the lives of both Dr. Weiss and his client, and provides an opportunity for readers to consider the mysteries of the mind, life after death and the influence of our past life experiences on our present behaviour.

Thoughts to Consider

Feel free to start a discussion in the comments below, or use these questions for self-reflections or journalling once you've read the book!

1. Did the book make you reflect on our purpose in life?

2. What are your thoughts on reincarnation? 3. Did the ideas in the book trigger any resistance for you?

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