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At Journey of Hope Counselling & Psychotherapy we offer individual psychotherapy sessions through a virtual platform allowing you to discuss challenges, explore vulnerabilities and cultivate hope from the comfort of your own home. We offer flexible hours including: lunch hour and evening appointments so that scheduling your therapy sessions doesn't add additional stress to your day.

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We recognize that reaching out and scheduling a therapy session can be scary, overwhelming, and a huge step in building a life that you are happy with. Our therapists believe that the most important factor that predicts success in therapy is building a trustworthy, compassionate relationship with your therapist. We focus on laying a strong foundational connection with you to provide support in three essential areas: 

-Exploration of how things like the past, difficult emotions, relationship concerns and conflict show up in your life and prevent you from aligning with your values.

-Building skills to move away from feelings of anxiety and depression by living a more present and intentional life

-Incorporating moments of joy and internal motivation to live life as your highest self


Our team is passionate about providing a safe and supportive environment to make space for vulnerable conversations leading to empowerment, understanding and growth in the following areas: 

-Substance use concerns (both individual and family members supporting those struggling)

-Healing from grief & loss 

-Managing overwhelming emotions (depression, anxiety, anger etc)

-Moving through discomfort successfully  

-Development of effective communication skills in relationships 


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