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Kindness Matters

Random acts of kindness are beautiful moments that occur from the innocence within us. They can be subtle and yet full of detail or grand gestures that are done with no expectation, and no specific reason other than to bring joy to one another. These moments capture the best version of our humanity and often don't only leave the recipient feeling a sense of warmth but also us as the givers.

kindness creates wellness

Challenging Times

We live in a time where kindness seems to be more important than ever. The news is filled with stories of sadness and trauma. Education becomes overshadowed by the pain of bullying and ostracization which extends outside of the classroom and into our homes. Choosing kindness; not only to sprinkle onto others, but to intentionally notice throughout your day will shift your perspective. Noticing the kindness in nature, works of art, moments of vulnerability and truth; bringing these into your awareness will propel you ahead in your journey of wellness.

Holding the door open for another; smiling at a strangers; taking an extra moment to hear a story from someone yearning for connectedness. These are all examples of that precious act of kindness that can be the difference between someone having a terrible day and someone finding a moment of joy.

Kindness is Therapy

Did you know that kindness not only brings joy to others, but also has a significant impact on our own mood. It's actually a skill that we teach in therapy! Kindness to others and kindness to ourselves can be a great skill to tolerate times of distress. When we are feeling down, unmotivated, depressed, anxious or overcome by uncomfortable emotions or obsessive worrying thoughts, intentional kindness is a technique that can be used to shift us into a state of better wellness. So today, and in the coming days take notice of the moments of kindness around you and take those moments and cultivate them into kindness for someone else.

"My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness" ~The Dalai Lama

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